The Festival

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The mission of the Immersive Festival of Scandinavian / Nordic Kultur and Art – FIKA(S) is to provide exposure to the Scandinavian way of life by sharing music, cinema, gastronomy as well as other distinctive cultural traits from Nordic countries. Our main objective : The goal of FIKA(S) is to create bridges between Scandinavian and Nordic cultures and Quebecers and Canadians in offering intimate and unifying cultural and artistic events.


The name FIKA(S) is a French acronym for “immersive festival of Scandinavian kultur and art”. It is inspired from the Swedish word fika, which refers to the coffee break, snack time, and specifically the opportunity to participate in a unique moment, or encounter with peers.


Christel Durand, founder of FIKA(S) discovers the music of Swede Kristofer Åström.
Christel discovers and is passionate about all the arts of Scandinavian and Nordic countries: music, cinema, literature, design ...
Christel Durand and friends, all volunteers, decide to develop the first Scandinavian and Nordic festival in Montréal. This festival will be called FIKA(S) in reference to the Swedish word fika, which designates the coffee break or the sharing of a special moment. In this spirit, FIKA(S) will be an intimate festival, on a human scale, and will uphold the values of the Nordic countries: eco-responsibility, accessibility, equality, sharing
Several partners join the project (Nordic Embassies in Ottawa, Montréal cultural organizations and Nordic granting agencies)
1st edition of the multidisciplinary FIKA(S) festival / cinema, gastronomy, theatre, conference and a special Swedish musical set with, among the guests, Kristofer Åström, whose music is ultimately at the origin of this.
2nd edition of FIKA(S) and first FIKA(S) Tour: a Québec tour of emerging Scandinavian artists. Multi-award winning Icelandic writer Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir and Michelin starred chef Magnus Nilsson are featured on the program.
FIKA(S) will now be biennial and will collaborate in the musical programming of the Printemps Nordique at Place des Arts, which will be presented as OFF FIKA(S).
3rd edition of FIKA(S): inauguration of the “Nordic Remakes” evening with Québec singer KROY. FIKA(S)’ Papas - Swedish Dads exhibition by Swedish director Johan Bävman brings together 32,243 spectators and will be on display at Place des Arts (Montréal), Laval University (Quebec) and the Assemblée nationale du Québec.
FIKA(S) is delighted to announce that our 4th edition, scheduled for March 2022, will be presented as part of NORDIC BRIDGES 2022, in collaboration with Harbourfront Center, Toronto.