Let the Right One In

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In collaboration with Cinéma Public

For its fourth edition, FIKAS joins forces with Cinéma Public to present a happy mix of classic and cult films (Häxan), more recent critical and commercial successes (The Innocents, Let the Right One In) and little known gems (Le renne blanc).

Let the Right One In

Tomas Alfredson 2008 - Horror - 114 min / country: Sweden / language: Swedish / subtitles: French

If you don’t think a movie can be both unsettling and heartwarming, seeing is believing. Let the Right One In offers a unique, intimate, and very dark insight on first love, taking themes of childhood sweethearts, revenge fantasies, and vampirism to a whole new level. Gorgeously shot and unforgivingly gory, this elegant modern horror classic will make your stomach churn and your heart flutter. (TIFF)

20 October 2022

8 p.m.

Cinéma public - 505 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montréal

Général 10,00 $

Étudiant, aîné 65+, enfant (12-) 8,00 $